5 things that allowed me to reflect on the royal wedding of Eugenia of York and we can practice at our wedding


Like so many people at this time and for different reasons, I did not want to miss the last real wedding of these times. One of the granddaughters of the Queen of England, Eugenia of York blessed their union before God a few days ago and not only in England but in the most remote latitudes, they had access to official images and not so much, thanks to the “miracle” of the internet and social networks.

But outside the curious observation of the journals of the heart, I rescued five reflections that remained after following varied scenes of the mediatic wedding. That is to say that, beyond something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue, the wedding says a lot about who we are and what we feel in such a transcendent moment of our life.

  • THE RELIGIOUS: In every time and place, condition and position, the lovers want to be together and if we agree to a religious wedding it is because we believe that it is God who has crossed our paths and therefore it must be He who “registers” our decision and seals us. our love. In that sense, if I will make my promises before God, it is because I am sure of my decision: I can not deceive him or deceive me.
  • THE WEDDING COSTUME: Beyond the party and the cost, far from the luxury with which we organize the event, regardless of whether the dress is exclusive design or not, it is special for us. Eugenia de York was no exception and kept in her expensive suit, the most significant of its history with Jack, the groom. The dress was embroidered with the red rose of York – an allusion to the medieval and dynastic emblem of the dukedom to which it belongs -, the thistle of Scotland, the Irish clover with which Saint Patrick taught the primitive Celts the mystery of the Holy Trinity and which represents to Ireland – land of the family of the mother of the bride – and ivy, a family symbol also of the Royal House.
  • THE FAMILY: in a nearby place, almost next to her, Eugenia’s parents, her sister, the real grandparents, the uncles and the cousins ​​attended the wedding in a discreet background. It was NOT their party, not even the family. It was the moment of the young Eugenia and they, transcending old quarrels, jealousies or resentments past and present, surrounded the young woman like any family that knows that together they are stronger. The girl’s parents, even though they have been living apart for many years, showed themselves together in front of their daughter, showing that, despite everything, beyond personal happiness is the common good. A very eloquent image circulated in the temple, in which the grandparents constantly watch the granddaughter while the parents and the daughter smile at each other excitedly. The family, even the most imperfect, is better for the absent family. And if we have to forget for a day a whole history of disagreements in pursuit of the happiness of one of its members, that is not hypocrisy, it is mercy, it is education, it is empathy.
  • THE COUSINS CLOSE: I have always considered an irreplaceable grace to have many cousins. And if they grow close to us, the better. I’m lucky because I had them, my children too, so I hope that the day they get married they have those “allies” nearby. What better than the cousins ​​who have already passed by that time – and who have also given us new political cousins ​​- join us in such a wonderful experience with their fresh advice and warnings? At this wedding, whether by protocol or not, the older cousins ​​followed very closely, the day of their cousin. And they had the delicacy to also maintain the prudent background so as not to overshadow the couple.
  • THE SCARLET: if something should have our bridal attire is that it should show us how we are or better. It is very good to get ready, prepare the skin, the skin, the figure, the hair, make makeup and combing tests, but it will never seem right that our image is distorted, depersonalized or transformed. The day of our wedding we must be ourselves, with our virtues and defects, because a legitimate relationship is one in which we present ourselves as we are. The royal bride let the back neck reveal the mark of a major operation suffered in her childhood. Far from hiding it with her hair, a white veil or a high neck, she chose a design that showed-literally-her “trademark”, a long vertical scar that, from the nape of her neck, divided her white back into two hemispheres.

There were other details that we could continue highlighting, the truth is that far from presenting a panegyric or allegory of the royal wedding, what I try is to extract a kind of moral of everything that was seen and that for many can represent -simply- a sample of ostentation or vanity, but for us, an occasion for reflection that we can not miss.


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