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  1. I am watching the Bible in a Year with Father Mike Schmidt. I am making PowerPoint presentations to accompany the daily readings to present images of items discussed in the daily readings such as the Tabernacle, the menorah, altar and priestly vestments, golden calf, tribal arrangements, etc. If Fr. Mike would be interested in including these presentations in his podcasts please let me know. I think one can remember an image much more easily than a description. Have a blessed week.

  2. Dear Fr. Mike,

    I have been following your podcast, Bible in a Year, since January 1st, 2022. It has absolutely changed my life. I am blessed to say that the Holy Spirit has allowed me to share God’s Word with dear friends and my students at my school. I am so blessed.

    If you can please relay this message to Jeff Cavins that the Messianic Checkpoint to Matthew’s Gospel was extremely impactful to my life (listened today – July FOURTEENTH – 7 + 7!!). Some of the key points that spoke to my heart are the following:

    – Alms giving, Prayer & Fasting (Lent) are weapons that we can use
    – God hasn’t left me alone
    – Jesus said – Who do you say I AM? And then pulls the keys out for St. Peter, our first Pope, the first Prime Minister (Canada has a Prime Minister, not a President)
    – The Kingdom has structure & leadership – REAL people
    – See it and give Glory!
    – Jeff Cavins private meeting with Pope Benedict – my prayers are that my family can meet The Holy Father when he comes to Edmonton
    – Disciples of Jesus – Listen Carefully – Responsibility – Bracelet – All Authority – Disciples of All Nations – Belong & Follow – Walking with Him – My turn to RUN – My leg of the RACE – Great Commission – Community – GREATFUL
    – It is bigger than me

    Pope Francis will be coming to my home city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and I am so blessed to have reserved tickets for my family of five.

    I pray for you and Jeff and I know that you have had me on your heart as well.


    Gisèle Roy-Christensen

  3. Returning to the Catholic faith and relearning the Rosary after many years of not praying. Does the rosary have to be prayed word for word the specific manner taught by the friars on Ascension? On the other hand I’ve see different variations of the Rosary. Is it ok to personalize the rosary with our own variation and verbalize our own sayings as a means to spiritually and personally connect to our holy Mother and Jesus. In doing so it wouldn’t it reflect greater sincerity and meaningfulness?


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