March for Life vs. Women’s March – Amazing Differences


Two Americas. The Godly and ungodly.

When Will America Turn Back to God?

In response to the results of the presidential election in November, the American TFP published a statement titled “To Make America Great Again, Turn Back to God.”  This statement was shared in print format with the marchers.  It mentions how the “forgotten conservatives who worked so hard for this victory want a return to order that will make America great.”

The TFP flier highlights three elements of true order:

1. It must be a moral order in which leaders fearlessly do everything possible to advance the cause of life, the traditional family and Christian morals. If the nation is to prosper, it needs to return to that moral code based on the Ten Commandments and natural law that made America great.

2. It must be an anti-socialist order based on free enterprise. America must be freed from the burden of onerous regulations, massive one-size-fits-all government programs and high taxes.

3. It must be an order that enthrones God once again. America has always been a nation that trusted in Divine Providence. However, that trust is now waning. But if we are not on God’s side, how can we expect Him to be on our side?

The TFP statement urges the new Republican administration to fight for the most vulnerable—the unborn, defund Planned Parenthood, protect society against euthanasia and assisted suicide, confirm unquestionably pro-life judges for the U.S. Supreme Court and all federal courts, and put an end to the judicial activism of the past decades.


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