New Brazilian President: Catholic, Pro-life, Against Gender Ideology


Meet Brazil’s new President, Jair Bolsonaro, a Roman Catholic and his campaign motto is pretty simple and refreshing.


He is the type of candidate that wants to fight corruption in Brazil and stands up for the people. The craziest thing is that during he’s political campaigning across Brazil he got stabbed. He quickly recovered and got back to campaigning. And it’s pretty obvious most of the media doesn’t like him. He beat his opponent by more than ten points (55.1% vs. 44.9%).

“Bolsonaro has a very clear and transparent way of doing politics. He’s run a completely impartial campaign, he’s not accepted public money or money from businesspeople, so he’s been able to run a campaign that’s completely free of any compromises or political agreements.”

Now let’s get to the issues, what does this new president support?

Jair Bolsonaro wants to liberalize gun laws, reduce the age of criminal responsibility to 16 and give more powers to the police to take action against criminals. He thinks this will fight the corruption and deterior criminals from committing crimes. Keep in mind that last year there were 63,880 murders in Brazil!
He’s against the legalization of abortion, he signed a promise to keep abortion illegal because that goes completely against God’s word.
He’s also against the legalization of drugs.
He’s against gender ideology which confuses children.
He’s a candidate who respects God.
Brazil’s farming lobby endorsed Jair Bolsonaro.
His motto “Brazil Above Everything, God Above Everyone” earned him the support of the Brazilian Evangelical community and of much of the Catholic community. Brazil’s last census, in 2010, registered 65 percent of the population as Catholic and 22 percent as evangelical, though the latter is believed to have strongly grown since.

Lastly, BBC News reported on “What about reaction from outside Brazil?”

A number of Latin American leaders congratulated Mr Bolsonaro:

Argentine President Mauricio Macri described the poll results as Mr Bolsonaro’s “triumph”
Chilean President Sebastián Piñera congratulated Brazilians for a “clean and democratic election”
Colombia’s Ivan Duque welcomed the result and called for the two countries’ “brotherly relations” to be strengthened further
Mexican outgoing President President Enrique Peña Nieto hailed Brazil’s “democratic strength”
Peru’s Martin Vizcarra wished Mr Bolsonaro “full success”
Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro extended his “congratulations to the people of Brazil”
And the US president’s spokeswoman, Sarah Sanders, said on Sunday: “President Trump called President-elect Bolsonaro of Brazil this evening to congratulate him and the Brazilian people on today’s elections. Both expressed a strong commitment to work side by side to improve the lives of the people of the United States and Brazil.”

Meanwhile, Amnesty International said that taking into account his campaign pledges, Mr Bolsonaro’s victory could pose a “huge risk” to Brazil’s indigenous peoples, LGBT communities, black youth, women, activists and civil society organisations.


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