Our Lady

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Mary is the masterpiece and the crown jewel of God’s creation and craftsmanship. Mary is the means and the way to get to our loving and caring Lord, Christ our King, the mother of “the way, the truth, and the life”. She is unlike any other creature that has ever existed because she bore and raised our divine redeemer. She is our caretaker, our guide to her son, a woman of tremendous character and virtue. She is the joy of Catholics all over and a powerful role model for women all over. Her relationship with The Most Holy Trinity is so unique that the Universal Church declares her as Daughter of God the Father, Mother of God the Son, and Spouse of the Holy Spirit; even with these titles, words cannot even describe her strong relationship with the Godhead. But why, as members of the body of Christ, venerate such a woman? To our separated brethren, they may see it as idolatry and false worship, but that is really not the case at all.

Mary has offered us a means of salvation and redemption. Her role in salvation history is unique and insential; her life and role is foreshadowed in the Old Testament while the events of her very life (though there is not much in the holy scriptures) is written in the New Testament. Mary has stood by her son throughout major parts of his divine ministry, through his birth all the way to his crucifixion, death, and resurrection. Christ’s love, his mercy, his majesty is reflected through Mary. Mary has been transformed through the power of grace and divine providence. If one seeks to climb the mountain that leads to the highest point that shows all marvellous splendors of God’s creation, one should and must take the route that is safest and free of harm and suffering. If one wants to reach Christ, you must go through the Virgin, for she knows him better than any one on Earth. One cannot bypass the Mother to get to the Son.

God has given us a precious means as a way to show how much He loves us. This gift is has been given to all of humanity because God wants all of humanity to be saved and experience the joys and wonders of heavenly glory and eternal bliss.God wants us all to return to that divine communion our ancestral parents once had in the Garden of Eden. But one can only obtain these great offerings, we must come to the one who’s waiting with her arms wide open and receive her as your mother. To enter with the family of God, we must come to her who is the channeling device that brought our glory, she brought God down to earth. In her, God the Son became Man, and man can become godly. She will protect us as she protected Our Lord, she will consol us at the hour of our death just as she consoled her son during the hour of his death. She was and is Our Lady; now and always and forever.


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