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The Importance of Eastern Catholic Churches

After the formal schism in 1054 between the Western Church centered in Rome, and the Eastern Church centered in Constantinople, due to the brewing...

Striving for sainthood

Mother Angelica


How EWTN Started By Mother Angelica

The Story of Mother Angelica & EWTN EWTN: The television and radio organizations she started are nonprofits and provide free programming to cable and satellite-TV...

The Contemplative Life


Why Is It You Have No Faith?

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Joy, Humor and the Incarnation

Christians believe that Jesus is fully divine, but how often do we reflect on what it means to understand him as fully human as...

Why Is It You Have No Faith?

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Heal Me God; A Poem For The Best Healer

"Heal me God", have you ever asked for that in prayer? All of us had some point of sickness in our lives. But if God's...

Corona Virus Disrupting Life: A Catholic In Slovakia

The whole world has seen Corona Virus disrupting life when it broke out. Some countries are taking it very seriously and some took it with...

Dear Mother Mary

O Mary, you truly are my light, my sweetness, and my hope. You have lifted me up and given me hope in a world...

Pledge To Smuggle Bibles With March For The Martyrs

If you're a Christian and have a Bible, consider yourself lucky. Some people have to smuggle bibles. There are still many countries where reading...

The Sovereignty of God and the Kingship of Christ

We live in times of great uncertainty and great unrest. There is turmoil and destruction in many places abroad and there is even terrorism...
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