Politically incorrect movie “Infidel” spotlights Middle Eastern Christians


Defying Iran, “Infidel” in theaters, TODAY, Sept. 18, follows a Christian blogger (Jim Caviezel) captured by an Iranian group alarmed at his public comments regarding faith.

The film, inspired by real-world kidnappings by the Iranian regime, involves honor killings, a subject most Western films avoid. The story also praises Middle Eastern Christians for standing up to Iranian law. “Infidel” isn’t politically correct in the slightest — another opening for critics to target the movie director, Mr. Nowrasteh.

The film deals with corruption and human rights abuses by the Iranian regime, and center on foreign journalists (played by Caviezel) whose rights are infringed upon and violated by the Iranian regime. The film is executive produced by Dinesh D’Souza through his production company D’Souza Media.

“Infidel” also showcases another element of Iranian culture, the “underground Christian movement” within the country, he says.

“Iran has the second most converts [to Christianity]” behind China, he says, noting it’s fueled by women. “It’s a direct result of the oppression under the Islamic Republic,” says director Cyrus Nowrasteh.

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