Radical Women Attack Catholic Churches in Latin America


Women are supposed to be pro-life.

“I am writing this message in English because I am sure my friends from the USA and around the world are not aware of what is going on in every church in Mexico and all of Latin America.

Patricia Sandoval, EWTN Co-Host, Author, and Pro-Life Speaker.

These are the videos of the “Women’s March” in México yesterday and today.

MY HEART IS EXTREMELY SAD and HEARTBROKEN in seeing all the anger and violence in these women all because they want abortion legalized in their countries.

Attacks against the Catholic Church and physical and verbal abuse against the people praying outside the churches trying to protect Our Lord.

Vandalism, Witchcraft rituals, and extreme Blaspheme all for the murder of the unborn in the womb.

Why so much hate against innocent babies?

What hurts me the most is Women attacking the Virgin Mary, MY MOTHER, OUR MOTHER, vandalizing statues, images of Her, signs telling Mary to abort Jesus.

I chose not to share those images because they are too heartbreaking.

Is this the Women’s March? This is radical terrorism.

I am asking my friends to please pray for México and Latin America.

Our Church is being persecuted. Satan is furious because Our Lady of GUADALUPE is PRO-LIFE.

She came to the America’s to give a PRO-LIFE message.

OUR LADY is alive in the Tilma and lives in Mexico, that is why the attack is so great.

But in The END, HER IMMACULATE HEART will triumph next to her SON.

Praying for the conversion of all these radical feminists and May God Have Mercy for their souls.

Please share so many can pray. Thank you.”


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