Satanic Attacks on Catholic Churches (scroll down for pics)


“Friends it’s with great sorrow that I share the images of two churches burned and looted in the capital of Chile yesterday. The looters wrote “death to the Nazarene” and there were reports of rioters chanting “Long Live Che Guevara!”

Understand that what is driving these misguided souls, is what drove their hero Karl Marx. It’s Satan. Marx wrote satanic poetry just before writing his major work The Communist Manifesto.

These rioters are the same rioters that flood the streets demanding abortion because abortion is a sacrifice to Satan himself. We must pray, we must offer sacrifices in reparation and we must fast. Our Lord told us that certain demons can only depart with prayer and fasting.

The spiritual battle has reached a fever pitch here in the U.S. and in so many other countries even traditionally Catholic ones, but remember that God is sovereign. The final battle has already been won by Christ. But he asks us to be faithful, to do what is in our hands and to do it with great faith and generosity. Jesus, King of Mercy, have mercy on us!”

Caption by Astrid Bennett Gutierrez

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