Sunday Mass


There is no excuse as to why you can’t attend Mass for one hour.
If those Marines did it in the middle of the chaos around them, I am sure we can attend Mass. We often forget how blessed we are to be able to attend Mass while we see Christians getting killed, persecuted, and bombed inside their churches. We then learn to be more grateful and run to Mass without looking back.

“Pictured above are two United States Marines receiving Holy Communion from a military chaplain on Iwo Jima in 1945. Despite the chaos of the battlefield, what we see is a beautiful moment of sublimity and transcendence. These two soldiers demonstrate humility and reverence by the very nature of their physical posture. Now, this is adoration: kneeling on the dirt and rocks to receive Our Eucharistic Lord. Oorah!

But there is another way: kneeling. Just like the Marines in this picture, those of us who are blessed to receive Holy Communion while kneeling learn to appreciate the importance of posture.”
-Brian Williams


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