Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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Our main intiatives at a glance:


We currently reach over eight million Catholics per week and with your support we can reach more people with the faith in their everyday life and help more people come back Home to the Catholic Church.

Charitable Works

We have fundraised and provided support to more than 50 fundraisers that were in need of emergency relief and with your support we can help more!

Humanitarian Works

We work to provide those most in need with emergency relief by providing financial relief and assisting in delivering clothes, medicine, and other essential items to them.

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Unseen beauty

Earth is estimated to have formed from the solar nebula, along with the Sun and other planets. Initially molten, the outer layer of the Earth cooled, resulting in the solid crust. Out gassing and volcanic activity produced the primordial atmosphere. Condensing water vapor, most or all of which came from ice delivered by comets, produced the oceans and other water sources.

"Conserving nature must become the very essence of who we are"