The Answer Is Love


Before becoming a devout Catholic, I never truly understood just how precious life is. For years I was under the impression that if a woman is faced with an unplanned pregnancy, then she should have the right to an abortion. The sad fact is, I never gave abortion much thought because I felt it wasn’t something that affected me personally. I now know how wrong I was. I realize now how beautiful the gift of life really is and how important it is to stand up for truth and defend life. Through prayer and study God placed it in my heart to reach out. To find a way to help these pregnant women and their unborn babies. I knew I could no longer sit on the sidelines. I had to follow God’s call to protecting and loving women and their unborn babies.

Now, I am an advocate for life. I have spent time as a sidewalk counselor, I’ve given talks, I’ve been interviewed by a local radio station, and am now working in an area where I can help many women each day. However, I cannot take credit for any of the work I have done. All glory and honor to God the Almighty Father. I am simply responding to His call to protect life. I am merely planting seeds and trying to serve as a light. I am grateful I get to talk with so many vulnerable pregnant women and their families. There are so many women out there that feel lost and afraid. Many of these women have no support, no employment, struggling with addictions, suffering from abuse, and longing for love. Instead, our society tells them their only option is abortion. These are the realities that many of these women face. The real question is, how do we help? How can we actively be involved in protecting life and supporting women?

Women need to have a close relationship with Jesus Christ. They need to know that God is with them and has never left them. God has given women the beautiful gift of being able to bring life into this world. Society tells these women that they are not strong enough, not good enough to be a mother. It’s a lie. God has gifted us women with this beautiful ability to carry a human being, to love and to nurture that baby just as God loves and nurtures us. Women need to know that God has made us strong, courageous, and capable of motherhood. These women do not need to be shamed or talked down to. They need us to take them by the hand and say, “you are not alone, because I will walk this journey with you.” The answer for helping these women and protecting the unborn is love.


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