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Waiting Until Marriage; Why Catholics Need to Do So

Here’s an article why waiting until marriage is for the best.

Sure, only 3% of the world waits until marriage to do that thing that creates babies and unites a man and a woman. Yes, we are talking about sex. People wait until marriage to have sex for many reasons, God, responsibility, dignity, stability, and to find the right person.

There are many beneficial aspects of waiting until marriage. Let’s look at the stats that back up the claim like a virgin spouse. According to WEBMD couples that waited had a higher quality of intercouse of 15%, 20% of more stability, and 22% higher satisfaction compared to couples who had premartial sex. So better sex, which society says “is a must,” is in marriages where both partners were celebit.

Somone better dial-up Hollywood, Planned Parenthood, Feminist, Porn Stars, even Prostitutes. And those so called sex-positive peps and tell them that they are wrong. Virgins do it better.

Now let’s get biblical. What was the first thing Adam and Eve did when they left the Garden of Eden? They covered their private parts. They established dignity in humans. So if even being in the nude is forbidden, then it is safe to say sex is for a husband and wife when they have achieved the sacrament of marriage.

Your spouse is not for other people to have, that one is fairly obvious if you look at the Ten Commandments “thou shall not covet your neighbor’s spouse.” If we can recall Sodom and Gomorrah, where God destroyed a town because they were lying sodomites. Another thing that is wrong and society doesn’t care much about is the fact that sex creates babies.

Today people kill them in abortions, call them unwanted, and say “it’s not the right time,” or “the wasn’t the right guy.” How can that be solved? Waiting until marriage obviously. Regarding bringing children into this world, single motherhood leads to many problems in a child’s life, and like abortion is unfair to the child. Waiting until marriage will only make you a better spouse, a better parent, and most importantly a better Catholic.




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