Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Media Outreach

We currently reach over eight million Catholics per week and with your support we can help engage Catholics with their faith in their everyday life and help others come back Home to the Catholic Church.

Charitable Works

We have fundraised and provided support to more than 50 fundraisers that were in need of emergency relief and with your support we can help more!

Humanitarian Works

We work to provide those most in need with emergency relief by providing financial relief and assisting in delivering clothes, medicine, and other essential items to them.


Media Outreach
Unlike Any Other

Pictured to the left is just one example of the Catholic Connect social media engagement and audience. Most of our followers across all social media channels and websites are from the USA and unlike any other Catholic media company, we are able to engage young Catholics which we view as critical to help keep them engaged within the Church.

Our Humanitarian Work

Providing Food
to Orphans in Uganda

The Catholic Connect Foundation provided emergency relief support to this orphanage in Uganda during the COVID-19 pandemic. They were affected and needed our support and we were honored to be able to provide much needed support thanks to our generous donors.

Our Charitable Works

Fr. Miguel Guerra
from Mexico City

With our generous donors support, The Catholic Connect Foundation was able to provide assistance to Fr. Miguel Guerra and his charitable works of providing groceries to the poorest families by assisting all the parishes located in extremely poor areas with much needed essential items.


The Catholic Connect
Team & Contributors

Our team and contributors consist of incredible individuals, all practicing Catholics, and our goal is to engage Catholics with good content that helps them grow in their faith and at the same time bring Christ to the secular world so that Catholics everywhere are equipped with news and content to defend their faith. On top of this, we work to provide humanitarian and charitable works to those most in need.

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