Why I don’t go to church



Comment 1 –
“I don’t go to church…I’m not sure that’s a good thing.” Maybe the greatest thing about Peterson is his honesty. Not only with society but with himself. Refreshing.

Comment 2 –
This is why I’m a traditional Catholic. Looking at the recent history Christianity, I see a push away from God, and an emphasis on the community. The problem is that people forget that real communion between Christians starts with God being at the center of their lives. Fully giving oneself to Christ. This is what makes the body of Christ the body of Christ. However, if you start asking “what can I get out of this” then the idea of the mass as a sacrifice becomes moot. There are fundamental differences between us and newer forms of Christianity, but I feel there has become a need within these churches to fill it with “stuff” to keep church goers going to church. Better preachers, more seating, better bands, and better food are required for more attendees. It’s like people want to get a high from going church. If I didn’t believe in the same faith I do now, then maybe I would give up on attending a church with no basis in fundamental theology. However, the faith I believe in has not yet lost its direct connection with the Church Christ founded.


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