Why Is Going to Church Important?


Story of the day: why go to church?
One day someone wrote to the editor of a newspaper about why go to church every Sunday.

He said: “I have been going to church for almost 30 years. In those years I listened to 3,000 Masses. But in my whole life, I don’t remember none of the masses I went to. I think I wasted my time and the people are wasting their time too.” This letter made a big argument & the editor loved that because everyone started to buy the newspaper. The argument was going on for weeks until someone replied with such wise and firm words.

A Stranger Replied:
I have been married for 30 years. Through this time my wife cooked 32,000 meals. But in my whole life I couldn’t make a list of one of those meals she did.
But I know one thing: all of her meals fed me, gave me energy, & the strength that I needed to live & work. If my wife never served me with those meals, my body would have been dead by now. And it’s exactly the same if I didn’t go to church to feed my soul, I would have been spiritually dead by now.

John 15:8
In this, my Father is glorified: that you should bring forth very much fruit and become my disciples.


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