Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: Catholics For Choice


The Texas bishops noted that “Despite what is implied by its name, Catholics for Choice is not a member-oriented organization and has no affiliation with the Roman Catholic Church. Instead, it is financed by grants from a few secular organizations pushing a pro-abortion agenda. It seldom ventures beyond Washington to Texas, unless it is to buy expensive, full-page ads when it serves their pro-abortion agenda.”

Catholics for Choice does in fact have significant financial backing from wealthy pro-abortion funders. These include millions of dollars in grants from the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, itself funded by billionaire Warren Buffett and his family.

Another donor is the grant making giant the Ford Foundation, which is not associated with the car company or the Ford family. The Arcus Foundation, founded by billionaire heir Jon Stryker, has also funded the group.

Read More: https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/catholics-for-choice-woefully-misrepresent-church-teaching-33367


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