Catholics in Nicaragua are Denied Entrance to Holy Mass


Government officials blocked the entrance of this Catholic Church and would not allow any parishioners inside. The brave priest stood his ground and told the cops that the dictatorship is ruining their country and that he did not care if the cops beat him up or even killed him but pleaded to let his parishioners inside to receive the Holy Eucharist. Towards the end, the Priest and his Parishioners loudly proclaimed “LONG LIVE CHRIST THE KING” and prayed outside of the Parish where no one could stop them.

One of the most recent episodes of persecution was the assault on the Basilica of Saint Sebastian in Diriambo. In this case, the Sandinista militias attacked a group of Franciscan missionaries, who then barricaded themselves inside the church. A group of prelates led by Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes, Bishop Silvio Báez, and Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Waldemar Sommertag, tried to rescue the Franciscan missionaries. They were attacked by the communists and given a bloody beating, their episcopal insignia were torn from them and trampled underfoot.

The international media are noticeably silent about this real and ongoing religious persecution. Perhaps it is because Daniel Ortega is one of those Latin American “populist” figures in the Marxist pantheon that are so dear to the Left and certain currents inside the present pontificate.

We remember all the Christian Persecution during and walk to raise awareness and stand in solidarity with our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters. ☦️


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